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Trowel and Soil

Why Microbes?

Microbes exist in every living organism on earth, with six major types of microbes including bacteria, fungi, archaea, protozoa, algae, and viruses. Our microbes are the purest and most stable available on the market, providing maximum benefit for numerous uses. Wind River Microbes develops products that benefit soil, plants, trees, livestock, horses, companion animals, and more. While some microbes are detrimental to the host, Wind River Microbes only utilizes beneficial types that are 100% natural and are not harmful in any way to livestock, horses, companion animals, or humans.

Trowel and Soil
Collecting Pollen from Flower
Collecting Pollen from Flower

Microbes are an integral part of every

Living Organisim

At Wind River Microbes, we chose the most stable and purest microbes available for maximum customer benefit. While there are many competitors offering microbes, ours are grown from specific microorganisms in a clean, highly controlled environment. Many competitive products are derived from the manure of lactating dairy cows which contributes to a high level of variability, longer growing and purification process and the risk of E. Coli contamination.


From Microbe Use

Nutrient Absorption

Plants and animals require nutrients to be "bioavailable." Microbes cycle, store, convert and deliver necessary nutrients.

Faster Healing

Healing facilitates through digestion. Microbes activate therapeutic effects in plants and animals and increase pathogen immunities.

Natural "Pre & Pro Biotics"

Prebiotics + Probiotics = Symbiotic. Prebiotics include specialized plant fibers that feed the probiotics for fully-functional digestion.

Increased Yields/Gains

Microbes improve yields and gains naturally through proper digestion and circulation.

Larger Profits

By reducing chemical inputs, antibiotic usage, and labor required, the bottom line will improve.


Healthy consumables are a direct result of restoring depleted microbial populations in our soils and animals – the food we eat.

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Etz Hayim Collective is passionate about regenerative agriculture and we want to share the benefits of using Wind River Microbes to homesteaders, farmers, ranchers, and gardeners.

Vegetable Picking


Importance of Soil Ecology

In order to maximize production – decreasing costs while increasing yields – we must focus on soil health. For some, that's a dirty word combination. When we talk about soil health, we're referring to the ecology of the soil. The most important factors in soil ecology are the microorganisms within the soil, the microbial communities. Maintaining the proper balance of good to bad microbes within these communities is the key to successful farming.


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