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About us

Etz Hayim Collective is an initiative and community of like-minded believers in Yeshua. We are Jews and Gentiles, from across different generations and wide scope of professional backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences. 


We believe in regenerative agriculture, organic farming, prayer, and community . Our community is dedicated to offering high-quality  products, home decor, and goods . Our desire as a community is to be of blessing, inspiration, and enrichment to everyone that interacts with us as friends and customers. As a family, we have always loved nature and how it heals, inspires, and enriches our lives as humans living in this planet.

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Regenerative agriculture living in a bottle


For Soil

For Soil

For Animal

For Animal

Soil Care

SoilCare is a 100% natural mix of 74 species of beneficial microbes—bacteria, archaea, and fungi that plants must have for full health

Bio Soil

Wind River Microbes BioSoil Formula is a pathogen inhibitor, antifungal, and growth stimulator. It "chokes out" harmful pathogens detrimental to plant life, growth, and production, including Fusarium spp.


Wind River Microbes BalanceR2 formula is a general-purpose probiotic solution for ALL classes of livestock and pets, with 2 extra rumen bacteria added.


REboot Formula is an all-natural pathogen inhibitor and growth promotant for livestock specifically designed to combat Rhodococcus in susceptible animals.

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