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A healthy gut equals a healthy animal. Microbes helps with gastrointestinal health. 


Ranch'n Is In Your Blood

There's a genetic marker in a rancher's DNA. That marker possesses traits for a strong work ethic, analytical skills, critical thinking and a passion for land and animals, both domestic and wild. Ranchers produce meat. Both ruminant and monogastric animal producers depend on functional digestive systems in their stock. They also depend on soil fertility to produce functional grazing systems in different climates. Most environmental conditions are virtually impossible to control, but we can ensure that our livestock's digestive systems are abundant with microflora for optimum health and gains.


Feed Efficiency

When it comes to producing livestock, feed conversion efficiency is vital. We all know there are factors that affect those conversion rates – weaning, sickness, stress, environment, etc. – some that are easily managed, others are not. When we doctor cattle with antibiotics, beneficial microbes are destroyed, creating a gut imbalance. This doesn't mean to avoid antibiotics because sometimes, they're crucial. However, as ranchers, we can focus on keeping gut health in-check by administering balanced, beneficial microbes for faster recovery rates and stress reduction.

“We've been seeing increased profitability and added weight gain to livestock since using BalanceR2.”

Horse trainer using REBooot

Recommended Products

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Wind River Microbes BalanceR2 formula is a general-purpose probiotic solution for ALL classes of livestock and pets, with 2 extra rumen bacteria added. This solution is best used as an oral drench, top-dressed on feed, or ideal for spraying pastures, soils, lawns, and gardens. The 2 extra rumen bacteria are designed for use in drenching cattle, sheep, goats, deer, elk, and buffalo, or the solution may be added to watering systems. 

* Please see the product label for all dosage and application rates.


✓ May be used on all animals

✓ Mitigates pathogens like E. Coli, Salmonella, Streptococcus

✓ Breaks down food components that aren't easily digestible

✓ Neutralizes acidosis

✓ Balances microflora in the gut

✓ Increases feed efficiency and conversion

✓ Enzymatic breakdown of carbohydrates

✓ Formula contains bacteria, fungi and protozoa necessary for rumen function

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Wind River Microbes REboot Formula is an all-natural pathogen inhibitor and growth promotant for livestock specifically designed to combat Rhodococcus in susceptible animals. It helps combat Rhodococcus by depleting the required food source for the harmful pathogens in horses, goats, sheep, and poultry. These pathogens include, but are not limited to Rhodococcus equi, Streptococcus spp., Salmonella spp., and E. Coli. It is also ideal for encouraging water and feed consumption by balancing the microorganisms in the digestive and gastrointestinal tracts; outstanding probiotic. Please see the product label for all applications and dosages.

* Please see the product label for all dosage and application rates.


✓ Reduces colic and bloat

✓ Increases hind-gut function

✓ Replenishes beneficial gut microbes

✓ Improves feed conversion

✓ Digestive aid

✓ Produces enzymes to break down carbohydrates

✓ Greatly reduces Rhodococcus in susceptible animals

✓ Inhibits pathogens such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus

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